My name is Nina Nesbitt. I am a Model Coach. I help models to bring out their best in front of the camera and on the runway by building their confidence and empowering them with industry knowledge. At photo shoots, I manage the hair, make-up and direction of the shoot, to make sure the model gets what they need as it pertains to their market. Not all models are 5’9 and not all models are a size 2, but there are markets for everyone, regardless to your height, size or age. I help you to navigate what works for you, so you can put your best foot forward in the pursuit of your dreams.

I have over 30 years of experience, traveling to Paris, Germany, Switzerland, London, with my main hub being New York and LA, for runway, print, television and film. I share industry knowledge with my models so they don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Before you have another audition, photo shoot or participate in a runway show, call me. Your photo shoot experience will be better, your runway walk will be stronger and you’ll be empowered with the skills that make the difference in your career.

Also as a model coach, I scout, develop and market new faces to my many contacts in the modeling and talent industry in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and abroad. Though this option may not be for everyone, working with me will give you the opportunity to see your true potential and the possibility to be discovered.

The skills you learn in this process last a lifetime. So whether your goal is to pursue modeling or enhance your personal qualities, you will be better for it…and for life!

Model Coach